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Be Bold and Help Someone

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911 Restoration Be Bold Help Someone Albuquerque

We all try to be good people, and sometimes that means opening the door for the next person, or we let a pedestrian go first at the intersection, and sometimes we even give to a charity, or help out at the soup kitchen. But then there are other people, who go above and beyond what is expected of them to become something more than themselves alone. These are the people who change the world, and they do it one act at a time. They do it day in and day out, because being a leader and being the difference in the world isn’t a part-time gig.

The benefits to helping people doesn’t stop at just getting whatever their job is done either. Studies continue to prove that helping people boosts your own happiness factor more than most people expect, and this can be a boon to a bad day, or just a way to maintain sanity. It may not seem like a solution to unhappiness, but being nice to someone who didn’t expect it can brighten both of your days.

Here are some suggestions for ways to help out others every day:

  • Use your skills at a senior center. Are you an amateur guitarist, or do you like sock puppets? You know who else does – the elderly. Well they may not like sock puppets per se, but what they will enjoy deeply is someone spending time with them who genuinely wants to be there. Seniors have a lot to deal with, from medication side-effects to inattentive family members, and a quick song or just a stop by to say hello can make a world of difference in their day.
  • Be a Big Bro, or Big Sister for the kids. There are plenty of kids out there who single parents raising them that would love for a role model. Kids are like information magnets and they love to learn things, and many of those things may be ones you want to teach people. So teach the kids and everyone wins.
  • Volunteer at a No-Kill pet shelter. This one is easy, shelters always want volunteers for help, and the pets are always excited to see a friendly face that will get them playing again. Give some of your time to a pet shelter and along with all of the snuggles you get from Fido, you’ll also get a warm fuzzy feeling yourself.
  • Donate your stuff to a community group. There are plenty of non-profit groups that need everything from pool tables to blankets for saving the boredom of at-risk youth, to saving the lives of those without a home. Give your blanket, foosball table, or whatever else you think might help to one of these groups that piques your interest and the rest is a gravy train of good vibes.
  • If you are looking for something more specific to give back with, then you can pick an individual person and make their day special. This can range from bringing donuts to the office, to providing a kidney for a friend in need. Whatever the person, or whatever their need, you can be sure that after you’ve helped, you’ll feel incredible.

Giving back to the community doesn’t have to be hard, and in fact, it should be easy. And the more you do it, the easier it gets too. After a point you’ll eventually give back to those around you and the world at large because it’s just how you roll, and not because you are looking for any altruistic feedback. So take a moment, and be bold today – then help someone do the same.

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