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Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Home Restoration Company

Published by SEO on July 13, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

911 Restoration Water Damage AlbuquerqueIf your home has experienced damage, you know how important timely restoration is. However, hiring restoration companies is a big investment and choosing the right company is essential. You can’t choose the first one you find and hope for the best. Successful restoration will help you save time, money, and prevent further damage, and it’s your duty to vet the service that you’re hiring. To make sure that you’re hiring the right people for the job, ask the following questions before signing on the dotted line.

1. Are You Licensed?

This is one of the most important questions on the list, and the first one you should ask any home restoration company. A licensed contractor is going to be more qualified and will offer you more protection as a homeowner. Since licensing varies by state, it’s important to check the requirements for your particular state. You can also verify licenses and other credentials through state registrars.

2. How Much Experience Do You Have In This Type of Restoration?

A restoration company may have decades of experience in fire damage restoration but may have never worked on water damage restoration before. Make sure to ask the company how much experience they have regarding the services you’re hiring them for so that you rest assured knowing that they can be trusted with your home.

You should also ensure that they have taken on such projects recently. If they’ve worked on similar projects not too long ago, you can be sure that they know exactly how to get the job done.

3. How Long Have You Been in the Business?

An established business with years of experience will know the ins and outs of the job. While newer companies can also be great, and this isn’t a perfect measure, you want to ensure that a newer company isn’t using your home as a learning experience.

Those who are more experienced will already have worked out kinks in their system and will know how to deliver high-quality work on time and within the budget. Longevity doesn’t always coincide with experience, but as a rule of thumb, experienced companies have likely dealt with issues that can come up when restoring a house and know how to resolve them.

4. Can You Provide References?

The best way to know that you’re hiring someone you can trust is to ask for a list of references. In some cases, you may even get to visit completed sites to see exactly what kind of work you’re paying for. A restoration company that is proud of its work should not hesitate to hand over references. If a company you are vetting does so, consider this a red flag.

Talking to past clients who have used the same services can show you how a company’s work has held up. If you’re getting water damage restoration, ask for references of previous clients who got similar work done, not those who utilized the company’s disaster restoration services.

Reach out to approximately 20 clients and ask them about their experience, the quality of work, timeliness, professionalism, how they left the job site, and more. Past performance is an excellent indicator of future performance. Speaking to references can give you peace of mind and let you know exactly what to expect from the contractor.

5. Are You Insured?

Before signing any paperwork, it’s important to ask a home restoration company if they’re insured. If they say yes, ask to see the insurance certificate or call the insurance carrier to confirm this. Additionally, make sure to ask what kind of insurance they have.

A good home restoration company must have two kinds of insurance – business liability insurance and worker’s compensation. Liability insurance is necessary since this protects against any damage done to your property during restoration. On the other hand, worker’s compensation protects the company’s employees in case they get injured while on your property. If any unfortunate accidents occur, you can rest assured knowing that the insurance is there to cover any damage.

If you don’t hire a fully insured company, you may be held liable for any issues that arise during home restoration services. If there’s a workplace injury or the restoration goes wrong, you’ll be responsible for handling the cost, not the company.

6. What Percentage of Your Work Is Referral Business?

This question can help you gauge customer satisfaction. If a large percentage of the company’s work is referral business, you can be sure that their customers are satisfied with the work done.

7. Do You Work With Insurance Companies?

Whether it’s fire damage restoration or disaster restoration, the home restoration services will have to involve working with insurance companies. The best home restoration companies know exactly how to deal with insurance, which records to create, and even deal with the insurance companies themselves. 911 Restoration’s staff is well-versed in insurance policies and deals with companies for you to save you both time and money.

8. How Long Will This Project Take and When Can You Start?

When you’re dealing with an emergency, having services immediately or as soon as possible is essential. Good home restoration services will also be straightforward about the time frame for your project. While they can never know a concrete time period, they can provide you with a rough estimate after examining the damage.

Do You Need Restoration Services in Albuquerque?

When disaster strikes and damages your home, you want the repair and restoration job to be thorough while also balancing timeliness so you can be back in your home where you belong. 911 Restoration is the service for you. We take care of everything from fire and water damage to mold removal and sewage cleanup. Contact us here for comprehensive home restoration services.

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