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Water damage: category determines treatment

Published by 911 Restoration Albuquerque on October 23, 2013 in category: Water Damage Restoration

911 Restoration Water Damage AlbuquerqueIn order to determine the kind of treatments that work best for drying, you first need to know what kind of water damage you are experiencing.

Types of Water Damage

Sometimes uncontaminated water damages a home and is labeled as category 1.If you leave a faucet running, have a broken water line, or an overflowing tub it goes into this group. Category 2, known as gray water, has some contaminants such as debris, soap, toilet water with urine, or water from dishwashers or washing machines.

Water with heavy contamination receives the classification of black water. Sewage, some seawater, flood waters, puddles or stand water are included here. No category is permanent since category 1 left standing long enough moves to the number 2 position if not treated properly. The same happens to category 2 as well.

How to Handle Water Damage

Your goal is to get what has become wet to become dry. Four processes exist for water cleanup: extraction, drying, repairing, and restoring. Vacuums and electric pumps extract water. Commercial grade fans and dehumidifiers help air circulation for drying in large areas. Restoring means to clean, inspect, and disinfect water damaged items. Repair means replacement and reconstruction.

For category 2 and 3 hire professionals for water repair, water removal, and water cleanup.

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