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Water damage: types and solution techniques

Published by 911 Restoration Albuquerque on October 23, 2013 in category: Water Damage Restoration

911 Restoration Water Damage AlbuquerqueThere are different types of water damage and the type of water damage restoration performed depends on the type of water damage. There are typically three classifications of water damage and they are category one, category two and category three.

The first type is category one and it is the type of water damage that is considered clean. It comes from uncontaminated sources and isn’t immediately hazardous to people. The common sources of this category are broken water supply lines and sink or bathtub overflows. The cleanup for this type of water damage is fairly simple.

The second type of water damage is category two and it is the gray water type. The water can potentially be contaminated with chemicals or bacteria. This water poses a threat of sickness to people who are in contact with it. The common causes for this category are failure of sump pumps, toilet overflow, faulty appliances and rainfall.

The last type is category three and it is known as black water. It is considered extremely dangerous. The water poses severe health risks if you come in contact with it. It can have pesticides and toxins in it. The common causes for water damage in this category are sewage and river water. If you are cleaning up this type of water damage, you have to wear protective gear. Everything affected must be discarded.

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